We are providing housekeeping services in İstanbul. Our customers benefit from the following facilities;

  • We are an establishment connected with the most dependable service groups of Turkey and providing 7 years of personal assistance services.
  • For each service invoices are issued by our company.
  • Payments are admitted by way of either credit card or bank transfer.
  • Our cleaning team consist of two parts: window cleaning and trained cleaning stuff for the other cleaning issues.
  • Cleaning supplies are provided by our cleaning team.
  • Catering for the team is not needed.
  • Our cleaning team is saving time, you don’t have to wait for the cleaning to be done the whole day.

We clean your house like as our own home. Please check which cleaning works will be in extra cost

  • Cleaning the walls
  • Cleaning the carpets ( except wakumming)
  • Steam cleaning on Furniture
  • Ironing

These are extra services’ price (VAT included)

  • Carpet cleaning (wiping) is 13 Turkish Liras per squaremeters
  • Cleaning standart Furniture Sets is 190 Turkish Liras
  • Only ironing services without cleaning is 260 Turkish Liras
  • Wall cleaning (wiping) is 20 Turkish Liras per squaremeters

Our Standart Prices ( Included VAT)

  • 250 Turkish Liras for up to 80 squaremeters
All cleaning services are provided by special teams.
Brand: istanbul housekeeping
Manufacturer: Hizmet A.Ş.